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Hundreds of satisfied customers are using FoodStar for their food pantry record keeping.

Reliability You Can Count On

FoodStar software is used by hundreds of food pantries to manage their record keeping and reporting needs.

Meets all USDA Requirements

FoodStar meets the requirements for TEFAP and other USDA food assistance programs.

Supports Multiple Workstations

You can run FoodStar on your local network and have multiple check-in stations with no additional license fees.

Supports Electronic Signature Pad

FoodStar is compatible with Topaz signature pads with a USB connection, so your food pantry can be completely paperless.

Overwhelmed by paperwork? Problem solved with FoodStar.

About FoodStar

Food Distribution and Reporting Software for Food Pantries
More Features to Meet Your Needs

The faces of hunger are all around us. It affects the young, the old, in every city, in every state. The problem is real - and it's right next door. Local food pantries like yours are the heart and soul of the food distribution system.

FoodStar will reduce your workload and help you meet the reporting requirements of your partner Agencies. You can easily track and get detailed reporting of your food distribution.

FoodStar is completely stand-alone software. You don't have to own Microsoft Access to run FoodStar. There is no additional charge for multi-user use. And training, support, and updates are always free!

  • You can easily track and get detailed reporting of your food distribution.

  • FoodStar requires a Login with a UserID and password. You can easily set up multiple UserID's and define access for each one.

  • FoodStar allows you to create custom fields for the items you track in addition to the distribution of food.

  • If you currently have your client information in an electronic format such as Excel, you can import your clients into FoodStar.

Our Story

"Paperwork wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for all the paper. And the work."
    - Darynda Jones


Fortunately, with FoodStar, you can eliminate both the paper and the work!

We are food pantry volunteers, so we know first-hand how much work goes into running a food pantry. We've used the card files, signature forms and tally sheets. Producing the monthly Agency reports took hours. We knew there had to be a better way. We needed computerized record keeping that was easy to use and produced fast, accurate reports.

With input from food pantry volunteers, area Food Banks and the TEFAP administrator for our state, we developed FoodStar software.

Here's how FoodStar transformed our food pantry record keeping:

Streamlined Check-In

FoodStar provides a fast, streamlined check-in process for both volunteers and the families being served.

USDA Compliance

FoodStar ensures that your pantry is compliant with TEFAP and other USDA regulations.

validates data entry

FoodStar validates data entry on the front-end, which improves reporting accuracy.

electronic signature

FoodStar is compatible with Topaz signature pads, providing paperless record keeping and minimizing administrative duties.


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