Food Pickup Screen

The Food Pickup screen is where you will record a Client’s visit to your food pantry.

Once you complete this screen on their first visit, it will be automatically filled in on returning visits. You can always make changes if their household information has changed. With just one click of the Add button, a record of their visit is added to the Pickup History Grid at the bottom of the screen. You can always see all of their previous visits.

FoodStar performs validation edits, so you can be confident that the information you record will be accurate and meet TEFAP requirements.

Here are a few of the validation edits:

  • Frequency of Visits. You can specify how often Clients are allowed to pickup food and FoodStar will give a message if the Client is picking up more frequently than allowed.
  • FoodStar will edit to be sure the age breakdowns for Children, Adults and Seniors equals the number in the Household.
  • FoodStar will validate that the Client meets the Income limits for their Household size. There is a Setup screen where you will enter the Income limits in effect in your area.
  • If the Client’s Certification is expired, FoodStar will automatically show the re-certification screen.

General Info