August 2, 2015

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FoodStar – Software for Food Pantries

Focus on your work, not paperwork. FoodStar is your first step to streamlined record keeping for your food pantry.

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Putting a smile on somebody’s face is pretty easy! What’s difficult is keeping track of the number of people who grinned from ear to ear. Volunteers who operate food pantries can relate to this kind of situation. These volunteers, apart from helping  families in need, have to maintain reports regarding the number of households served, number of children, adults and senior citizens in those households. This tedious task leads to confusion and inaccuracy. But, regardless of all the challenges, it’s mandatory to maintain and submit reports to the Food Bank every month.

This is why we came up with FoodStar, a windows-based, easy to set up, easy to customize software program to help Food Pantries manage their client list, food distribution and record keeping. After all, those who help others also need help.

This affordable software meets USDA requirements and makes reporting as easy as pie!! It includes a comprehensive list of reports (Summary Reports, Demographic Reports by City, County and Zip Code and Duplicate address report).

Now if you need to track additional items, you can create custom fields to do so. Also, FoodStar supports electronic signatures!!

So it’s time to say goodbye to tedious reporting and go completely paperless.

FoodStar – Helping You Help Others!

We’re here to help you be successful, so you can buy with confidence!

  • We’ll set up an Online Training session to go over all of the features and benefits of using FoodStar.
  • We provide a FoodStar User Guide to help answer your questions.
  • We offer FREE email support. We’ll answer your questions promptly.
  • And you’ll get FREE software updates.

Still have questions? Please let us know. We’re here to help!